Memberships Available


BEST OF THE BEST! This complete membership includes boating and voting privileges, club programs and clubhouse amenities. Lakewood is a member-owned, private club with general membership meetings held annually. At the meetings, Resident and Junior members can exercise their voting powers.


GET SOCIAL! This is a social membership, which grants all the amenities, programs and activities of the club except for voting and boating privileges. Upon request, this membership can be upgraded to a Resident membership by paying the balance between the initiation fees.


START YOUNG! This membership is for the up-and-coming executive boater, who is between the ages of 21 and 34. It includes all boating and voting privileges, as well as club programs, activities, and clubhouse amenities. For each year, a junior member is under 35 years; a $750 credit is applied to the Resident membership initiation fee when the member turns 35. The balance can be paid over six months.


DON'T LIVE HERE? NO WORRIES! Non-Resident memberships are for individuals who reside outside of Harris County, Texas and its adjacent counties. This membership includes all boating privileges, club programs, activities, and clubhouse amenities, but does not have voting privileges.


BIG BUSINESS! Corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships qualify for this type of membership. It is the only membership that is transferable. This membership allows for one boat slip and includes all club programs, activities and clubhouse amenities. It is structured with one Master Corporate membership and two Corporate Associate memberships. This membership does not have voting privileges.


THANK YOU FOR SERVING! The Military Membership applies to an active duty U.S. Military person for not less than 365 consecutive days. This membership does not have voting privileges, and the term is three years, renewable on a case-by-case basis. If a boat slip is rented, it is subject to second-slip rules.


Adult-age children of current LYC members who've been in good standing for at least five years can submit an application for the same or lesser membership as his or her parents without having to pay the applicable initiation fee. Once approved, they will pay the appropriate dues associated with their membership.  

Currently, tours are by appointment only. Contact Membership to schedule a tour or for pricing information at